The Fly Seen Around the World (on Mike Pence’s Head)

And other instances of political entomology

At the most recent national debate, Vice President Mike Pence faced Democratic nominee Kamala Harris. Although Harris proved to be a fierce competitor on the issues, another candidate briefly made an appearance — the black fly that made itself comfortable on Mike Pence’s white-haired head.

As I watched the insect nestled on the Vice President’s head, I was eagerly waiting on it to finally fly away. After what seemed like the entirety of the debate, the fly did decide to get off the stage to tackle more pressing fly issues.

This event that everyone witnessed, except Mike Pence of course, is nothing new to politicians in the tv broadcasted era. Here’s a more recent history of insects that briefly enter into the political sphere.

The Japanese Beetle on President George W. Bush

In 2004, then President George W. Bush was addressing a large crowd at the State Capital of West Virginia. During this lively Fourth of July ceremony, the president spoke on freedom and his many thanks to American Veterans when something happened.

A small Japanese beetle landed on George W. Bush’s head right above his ear. Obviously insects like freedom too, y'all.

See the image here.

The Fly that Famously Pestered President Obama

During an interview with CNBC in 2009, President Barack Obama famously had quite the battle with an insect. A fly seemed to stick around Obama for a while as he tried to keep his cool. He then stops answering the questions and takes care of the fly (sadly this little guy doesn’t make it).

This event was famously described in a press release by PETA as the “executive insect execution.”

Obama and the Fly, Part 2

In 2010, as the president delivered important information about the new Affordable Care Act, a fly came back for round two. This time the fly was seen to land right on the face of Obama.

I guess the fly had not heard the news about the last fly that tried to hang around the 45th president.

Another Fly — This Time on Donald Trump’s Luscious Reddish-Brown Locks

In May of 2016, Donald Trump was at one of his rallies in Anaheim, California. Amid the cheers for Trump’s distinctive energy, a little black fly decided to share the political spotlight and landed on his hair.

The Black Fly on Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton’s Face

Four years ago, 2016 was a pretty contentious year for presidential politics. During a second debate night, Hillary Clinton was speaking when a fly landed on her face. The little visitor only stayed for maybe half a second, but cameras still caught it.

At this point the flies had checked off the boxes for 2016 presidential candidates.

Mike Bloomberg’s Convention Fly

This year, the Democratic (and Republican) National Conventions were virtual for the first time. During a speech given my former presidential hopeful Michael Bloomberg, a black fly managed to get on air for this digital event. The little bug flew all around Bloomberg’s face, taking some time to land twice.

A Bug Crawls All Over Joe Biden as he Speaks About Environment

While speaking about climate change in September of this year, Joe Biden was crawled all over by a large bug. As he spoke about the ill effects of environmental change on certain human communities, the bug crawled around his neck as if it was trying to get his attention.

Maybe the insects are trying to express their climate change concerns as well.

writer. illustrator. manic collector of pens and notebooks. bug guy from North Carolina. see my work at

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