Hello, I’m Nathan Allen. Welcome to my page! This serves as an experiment in shortform as well as a little intro to myself.

I am a freelance (sort of, I'm new to this) writer based in Winston-Salem, NC. My writing tends to focus on the interdisciplinary study of the environment — those places where science, philosophy, psychology, history, and other discipline meet. Other than that, I write about philosophy broadly, LGBTQ+ issues, media studies, and culture.

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I am a writer and editor of Pollen — an interdisciplinary magazine about the environment. In addition, I am a regular writer for Mind Cafe, Frame of Reference, and An Injustice! Mag.

Other interests include vegan cooking, insects, taking care of my two fish (Machiavelli + Midgley), and reading depressing books. To get to know my writing I would start here:

writer. illustrator. manic collector of pens and notebooks. bug guy from North Carolina. see my work at www.nthnljms.com

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