Cows Versus Chickens

The imaginary war that your favorite chicken restaurant made up

Cow v. Chicken. Digital Art: Nathan Allen

The History of the Cow-Chicken Conflict

“In 1995,” per Chick-fil-A’s website “a renegade cow, paintbrush in mouth, painted the three words “EAT MOR CHIKIN” on a Texas billboard. From that day forward, the burger-eating landscape was forever changed. These fearless cows, acting in enlightened self-interest, realized that when people eat chicken, they don’t eat beef. Today, the cows’ herds have increased and their message reaches millions — through television, radio, online, and on the occasional water tower. Needless to say, we fully endorse and appreciate the monumental efforts made by our most beloved bovine friends.”

Tweet by: @ EatMorChikin
Tweet by: @ EatMorChikin
Tweet by: @ EatMorChikin

How This Campaign Works

If the Marketing Does Work, You Completely Understand Veganism

Left: Me and Miles. Right: Me and Bruce Springsteen. (August 19, 2017)

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